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We had one of our most fun trips since we bought our magnets, and that’s saying a lot considering just how much fun we’ve had with them. We found several bikes, a motor scooter, a knife (in YouTube speek: POSSIBLE MURDER WEAPON?!?!?), a bistro table and even managed to retrieve our own grappling hook that we lost in the same spot a couple months back.

We called the police for the bikes and scooter, to our surprise the VIN came not back as stolen and so the city cleanup service was called to take it and the bicycles to the scrapyard.

Overall this was one of our best trips so far, the weather was nice, the water not too cool and the finds varied and unique. You can never tell what’s going to come out of the rivers and lakes, just as with metal detecting the moment you think you have seen it all something you never saw before comes out.


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