Today is the first day of my second year with fishing magnets and a Garrett AT Pro in my ever growing arsenal of fun toys, reason enough to look back on a year of mud, scrap metal and honestly pretty amazing trips. Our Youtube channel has grown to decent size, magnet fishing got us into its big brother metal detecting and we have found lots of cool stuff and lots of valuable finds as well. In addition to that the channel growth and semi-frequent purchases of all kinds of stuff via our Amazon Affiliate links have left us with – lo and behold – more money than we have spent! Thanks for anyone of you who has shown interest in our videos, we plan to put a lot more work into the channel over the next year to hopefully keep delivering interesting content for you to watch!


Favorite finds:

Probably my most favorite find is this old broadhead we found, simply because it is in such perfect shape and a unique find. Apart from that we experienced quite a bit of uneasiness and then fun when we pulled up several kilograms of Flak (Anti-Aircraft) ammunition, as well as some other types of bullets and casings. If you aren’t German it’s probably hard to understand the fascination that anything military or weapon related has to us, by-product of our incredibly strict gun laws here.

From left to right: Arrow head, 5.56 training shell, .50 bullet, Flak shell

Funnily enough we haven’t found anything from WW2, for which the chances shouldn’t be all too low in Germany. Well, maybe next year will give me my MP40 I’ve always wanted 🙂

Most valuable finds:

We found lots of coins with our magnets, totalling 187€, various foreign coins from all over the world (including a decorative memorial coin from a small town in Uzbekistan that I thought was pretty cool) and quite a bit of coins that are too far gone to exchange them.

Metal detecting paid for most of the gear in our first year, with a total of 874€ plus 50€ for a golden ring I retrieved for a woman.


Favorite Video

This is a close tie between the video where we stopped at some tiny, tiny water gate to see if we couldn’t find something and ended up pulling out 30 odd kilograms of Flak Ammunition:

And the first video with our new waterproof camera that marked the point when we started taking the YouTube channel more seriously:

To be honest I like all of our videos though, and especially the fact that there is a – not so – small community of magnet fishermen and metal detectorists that we have become a part of. Even though I haven’t met any of you guys in person I always enjoy you dropping in for a comment or end up far beyond my bed time because I have watched yours 🙂 It really has been one hell of a year, may it be the first of many!

Photo dump

To end this post let me thank you all for reading, watching our videos, helping us out in all the ways you did and most importantly for all the fun we had with you guys despite the thousands of miles that lie between us all 🙂

Following you will find a photo dump of all kinds of pictures we shot throughout the year, which I have learned from the wonderfully quirky Surly blog. I hope you enjoyed the read, let us know what you think either here or over on our YouTube channel.

phone picture of our new camera. Classy.

Instead of making money on the beach I goofed around taking poser pictures. Classy.

My best friend. The things weve been through, the tires I patched, the places we have seen.

Booker! Take this ammunition!

Tomato and sour cream dip. This is also a portrait of myself before my first cup of coffee.

Isnt she beautiful?

Home-made beef jerky. This stuff is awesome.

Just relaxing with some music

little motorcycle prop I built from parts of an old computer

Little dune buggy prop build from computer parts.

I think this is the coolest grafitto I have ever seen. Birdman MC from B-Unit?

Poser pic on my way to work, I had some fun with image editing on my phone here. Im pretty impressed with this actually, for being done on a phone that turned out pretty okay.

First time our magnet got stuck. On a bike by the way.

I cant put my love for this picture into words. I think it is my all-time favorite shot I have ever taken.

Our first money-box

This is a clock I built from one of the brake disks of a bike we pulled out.

Man walking along forest road, cerca 2016.

My first day metal detecting. Then I had an Ace 350 and no proper shovel. I still managed to find my first 200 bottle caps.

Our very first magnet fishing find! An ancient sabre!

Our very first bicycle! A Trail Blazer Deluxe Carbon that finished the 24 hours of Le Mans in less than two Parsec! Funny story: This one still worked and we could fix it up and give it to a homeless guy who is now riding it around town with pleasure.


I have fond – found? – memories of this place.

That’s it! You are done! See you next year?


We found absolutely everything magnet fishing