The thing I’ll never understand about my bike (and never complain about) is how for only 300€ it could start out as a 9/10 ride when so many people are unhappy with their bikes they paid thousands for. I substracted one point in the beginning because the saddle was a little too hard and narrow for my liking, but then it wasn’t really bad and I made it to over 1000 kilometers before I swapped it out for a Brooks B17 Select (with copper rivets!) that cost a little more than 2/3 of what the original bike cost.

That was the 10/10 right there, I love the combination of ride comfort and colour (even though it introduced a third colour into the scheme I like it a lot) and have ridden many, many kilometers with this since.

It was surprisingly fast, actually there is very little competition that can keep up with me even though their bikes – even the average commuter – costs easily double.

Admittedly more for looks than an actual need for lighter wheels I had been toying with the idea of getting an H+Son wheelset for a long time, I really dig their looks. Yet for over five years I’ve been riding on the stock wheels and to be honest haven’t ever had any problems with them until about a month ago when they finally started to give out. In their defense I have to say that in the five years of more or less daily riding I’ve never had to true them (quite amazing) or had any problems whatsoever, but then they started squeaking quite badly and I realized it was time for either an overhaul of the bearings or sucking up the price point and finally buying that set of wheels I’ve been wanting so bad.

Coupled with a nice end-of-season discount when I looked for the price I went for the latter and can now say I couldn’t be happier. Starting with the unexpected and free overnight-delivery to the installation and first two rides I must say my little green friend has now turned into a solid 11.

I saved a rough estimate of 600-700 grams over the wheelset which does make a noticeable difference even in non-racing-conditions, mostly starting from red lights and on hills which is where a singlespeed traditionally suffers more than geared bikes so I’m quite happy with that. Apart from that the difference is really neglible because even with the stock wheels I was already breezing past most anyone – no bragging intended, people here just really like riding slow for some reason – but the wheels certainly feel nice. I went from a 32 spoke count to 24/28 and if anything the ride feels stiffer, but then that’s the point where I admit feeling no difference.

But did I mention the looks yet? Boy am I in love with how they look, I like the understated look compared to other premium-segment wheelsets (404ZIPPHEMSPPEEEEEEED) and now I finally am at the point where I can look at anything on my bike and think ‚yes, that looks mighty fine to my eye‘.

So on to many more miles on what I consider the most fun one can have while covering more than walking distance.