My Urbex Gear in 2017

My Urbex Gear in 2017

Urban exploration is probably one of the most fun hobbies I have ever spent time on, and in essence all the gear you really need is a camera and places to be.

However there are a couple of things I always bring along for a more pleasant experience – in fact most of them sit in my bag all day everyday in case I need them.

The bag

I simply love my 5.11 PushPack, I bought it more than five years ago and with few exceptions used it almost daily since then. There are so many benefits to it that the one disadvantage I can find – the small size (easily countered by stuffing a shopping bag on the bottom) – becomes negligible.

In fact it’s been simply awesome because of the quick access both in general and to each of the compartments in particular. The main compartment serves as my camera bag but also has some inside pouches for snack bars and various odds and ends, the zippered one behind it holds my phone and wallet. On the top I have spare batteries for my camera, on the flap everything from a basic first aid to a sewing kit and the two bottle holders serve far more purposes than the name lets assume.

Because it is so quick to get to – and to take off – it has been perfect for exploring where I might sometimes have to take it off. Camera access is about the quickest you can get without wearing it visibly on a shoulder strap.

And lastly it is incredibly durable, I have certainly put it through its paces for five years and it looks almost like new with the exception of the shoulder pad.

Here is the PushPack in action on one of our magnet fishing trips

The flashlight

Just as with the bag I can say I have found my perfect flashlight in the Armytek Wizard Pro.

  • It’s waterproof, I love the peace of mind that offers. Just as with my outdoor camera (Olympus TG 870), my metal detector (Garrett AT Pro), my phone (Samsung A5) and even my ebook reader (Kobo Aura) everything that can handle water is great. With equipment that is actually used outdoors it is so great to not have to worry about it getting wet, and a flashlight certainly can fall into a puddle very easily.
  • It’s tough otherwise as well, able to withstand falling down and dust. All nice to have even if you are careful with your gear.
  • It uses the incredibly great 18650 batteries, in case you don’t know that is the future
  • It is pretty floody as opposed to only lighting up a small spot, which I find extremely useful for abandoned places, but also for treasure hunting on the beach in the early morning.
  • It’s pricey at ~90€, but serves all my flashlight needs, presumably for the rest of my life as I can’t see it failing.
  • It has a magnetic tailcap to attach it to a myriad of things if you need your hands free.
  • Speaking of hands-free. It also comes with a headband to use as an awesome headlamp. I don’t normally use it that way and instead use the belt clip to snap it to my bag or my belt, but having the option is great.




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