Small abandoned places can be really cool sometimes, case in point being an abandoned freight crane now left to rot since a small forklift is able to do the same work.

Apart from this crane the place had not much going on, but the crane was climbable and since I had some time I took my two-wheeled best friend on an afternoon journy and went to explore it.

This was where I parked, the crumbled building is a pretty cool place in itself but there wasn’t much potential for other pictures.

Climbing up I was greeted by one of the most random finds I have ever made: A plush animal tied to one of the steps with some yarn. I have no idea who would do that, but it’s finds like these that make urban exploration so much fun.


Unable to get into the crane itself I was forced to snap pictures through the broken windows in the door, luckily the angle was near perfect to take this shot of an old transformer:

Full shot of the machinery, once used to pull the hook on the outside up and load materials to and from a boat.

A full shot of the room, I find it interesting to imagine that someone worked here all day long at some point.

After that I climbed back down, but then climbed up the other side that had no ladder but enough structural supports to climb up. I took this picture of what I think is either some sort of counterweight or a connector for the steel rope. In any case I love the texture of the metal. 

That’s it, I hope you liked the picture.

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