Exploring an abandoned trainyard

Exploring an abandoned trainyard 1

By chance I got to talk to a fellow urban explorer and learned about the existence of an abandoned train yard not too far from me. Since I still had a few days of vacation left I decided to check out the place real quick to see if I could find it, but I didn’t want to explore it just then because I was on my way to a friend at that time.

When I took a wrong turn that turned out to be a right turn I suddenly found myself in urbex heaven and there was no resisting the urge to explore just there and then.

Before I get to the pictures I want to tell you a bit about the history of the place. The massive complex spans around a center plate that once turned to allow trains to be parked and sent on new rails, but was destroyed in a huge fire more than twenty years ago. The middle plate somehow went missing – my best guess is that it was mostly wood and burned – and is now a lake in the middle of a small forest. The whole inside has been reclaimed by nature and it’s quite eerie to walk through a forest that you know has grown inside a building.

Only the outer walls remain of the main complex, though there are some buildings – that I didn’t get a chance to explore this time – that I assume used to be office or machinery storage. I will surely explore them at a later date.

Exploring an abandoned trainyard 2
I’m never tired of exploring.

Exploring an abandoned trainyard 3
Found a perfect parking spot.

Exploring an abandoned trainyard 4
Exploring an abandoned trainyard 5
This place had all the cliche photo opportunities. Not that I’m complaining.



Exploring an abandoned trainyard 6
This were the remains of the inner of two circles of walls, all that was left standing where these posts with some sort of pipe connectors. In my mind those were probably used for water hoses to wash down the trains, but I have no idea if that is true.
Exploring an abandoned trainyard 7
This was on the inside near were the trains once parked while they waited for their turn to be repaired or sent on their new track. I just love the color of that oxidized pipe.
Exploring an abandoned trainyard 8
I think this is my favorite shot of the day, a crumbled piece of wall with such a bright graffiti on it. Colors were very vivid in this place thanks to some sprayers.
Exploring an abandoned trainyard 9
This tank on the outside was MASSIVE, the picture doesn’t even do it proper justice. It was probably as high as 2.5m if it were standing and the circumference so large I wouldn’t have been able to reach around. No idea what it was used for or how they transported it but that was clearly not stationary and did not belong there.
Exploring an abandoned trainyard 10
Just as I was about to leave I turned around to catch this pretty cool graffiti. Probably my best photography tip is to turn around whenever you take a nice shot, there’s usually more of them hiding.
I hope you enjoyed the report, it was a great place to me because we don’t get that many truly abandoned places here in the area. Just a month after my visit demolition started, taking one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to out of commission after it survived twenty years.

Anyway, if you enjoyed this post and need some additional evening entertainment let me recommend one of our magnetfishing videos where we filled up my whole truck bed with scrap metal:

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