Finding interesting places to explore in my city is surprisingly hard as many are either inaccessible or being torn down to make room for new buildings. Today I was lucky enough to find a place that while being torn down was accessible without problems and allowed me to take a few cool shots with my bike.

The place does not have much of a historical significance as it was first used as a storage facility and then later housed various non-benefit projects for art and troubled youth. However it has this distinct old industrial feel to it that I really love, with loading bays, steel stairs and lots of photo opportunities. Let the pictures speak for themselves:

Had some fun with this one, took a good while before I got this stable enough to step back for a picture. Probably one of my favourite shots of my bike though, so more than worth it.

I love the perspective of this one, and it shows about how long the complex is. Lots of room for projects, a pity it’s being torn down.

Certainly one of the more unique graffiti I have come across on my explorations.

This door leads from the outside to the outside, and apparently it always did because the spot where I was standing showed no signs of torn down walls. Pretty strange, at least as strange as the fried egg graffiti

There isn’t much going on in this shot but looking through my folder I loved the green ladder so I included it here.

I like this picture a lot, probably most because I did not crop anything and this is exactly how I took it.

I wonder what these switches once activated, it’s strange that they are on the outside. My guess would be a freight lift or something like that, but there was none around.


Please do not park inside the wall

Someone really didn’t like people parking right in front of his door.



That’s all I have for today, I hope you liked the pictures and writeup. A comment would make me happy šŸ™‚

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