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Exploring an abandoned trainyard

By chance I got to talk to a fellow urban explorer and learned about the existence of an abandoned train yard not too far from me. Since I still had a few days of vacation left I decided to check out the place real quick to see if I could find it, but I……

Industrial complex

I took a trip through an industrial area and stumbled over this amazing chemical factory, easily one of the coolest places I’ve ever come across. I couldn’t get in, but the shots I took from the outside are pretty interesting in my opinion.

More cool graffiti around Hamburg, Germany

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Awesome graffiti in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is a city with some pretty good and active graffiti crews and single artists and I love taking pictures of my favorites. Many people dislike graffiti, but personally I love them and think the city would be a lot less interesting to explore without them.


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Exploring an abandoned industrial complex in the process of being torn down

Finding interesting places to explore in my city is surprisingly hard as many are either inaccessible or being torn down to make room for new buildings. Today I was lucky enough to find a place that while being torn down was accessible without problems and allowed me to take a few cool shots with my……

Found 2 safes, 5 moneyboxes, 3 bicycles, 2 bullets magnet fishing

We found a bunch of cool stuff again, most notably two safes and five moneyboxes.

One still had an unopened moneybox in it (that we cracked with a prybar we found minutes before), but sadly it was empty 🙁

Anyway, that was one of our most fun trips so far with some unique finds, lots of interested……

Exploring an old crane

Small abandoned places can be really cool sometimes, case in point being an abandoned freight crane now left to rot since a small forklift is able to do the same work.

Apart from this crane the place had not much going on, but the crane was climbable and since I had some time I took my……

We found a Jaguar with our magnets

After our last trip was so successful – and in fact the video is now our fifth most popular of all times – this trip was a bit slower, but just as fun with some cool finds.


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Sony Alpha 6000 review

I’m incredibly late to write this post as everyone has accepted the Sony Alpha 6000 as an awesome camera for starters and enthusiasts……

We found absolutely everything magnet fishing

We had one of our most fun trips since we bought our magnets, and that’s saying a lot considering just how much fun we’ve had with them. We found several bikes, a motor scooter, a knife (in YouTube speek: POSSIBLE MURDER WEAPON?!?!?), a bistro table and even managed to retrieve our own grappling hook that……