The best ad settings for popads

Popads is my favorite ad service by now and I use it on all my new blogs, plus I’m slowly converting all my older ones from Exoclick which I used before.

In this post I’m going to quickly cover my favorite ad settings that offer a great balance between earning money and not being annoying for the viewer.

The first is setting the popunders per visitor to a low number. I usually go with 2 but I think 3 or even 4 could fly as well, it’s just what I use. 2 is fine, if I profit twice from one viewer I think that’s enough.

The minimal bid should be at least .001, meaning you get 1€ per 1k visitors. You could go higher (my average is about 1.70€) but I feel that a lower number gets you those earnings from low-tier countries that add up in the long run. However I don’t want anything less than 1€, everything below that is shown my webcomic instead to profit from that and the chance to make some ebook sales.

Delay between popunders is another thing I like to set for the viewer’s sake, I vary between 20 and 40 seconds just for fun. It gets a bit annoying if you visit a site and the first two clicks open popunders so I like to put a delay between them.

And lastly the default code, I have written a small article about that here.




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