Tumblr Money Starter Guide

Welcome to this updated version of my tumblr guide.

This post is going to be a brief overview and will be expanded with more detailed posts as I find the time, but this should get you started.

Basic principle

Tumblr blogs are a strange thing. If not for the money I would likely have stayed away from running even one, but over time I grew to like the platform more than I ever thought I would.

There are a couple of interesting aspects that make tumblr a great platform, most notably the fact that you don’t need any original content. In fact the whole principle of this is to run blogs that aggregate content for one niche from as many other blogs as possible.

The mechanic behind that is called reblogging and is the one reason why Tumblr is so great. It will post the picture to your own blog with an easy to follow link to the original poster and a list of notes of people who interacted with that post. These notes lead to your blog being discovered and ultimately following your blog, so in essence running the actual blog is nothing other than reblogging posts and keeping your queue filled.

With a tool called BBoostr you can easily fill your queue for several months in an hour and then you’ll never have to worry about it for the remainder of its lifetime.

I’ll get into a bit more detail on running the actual blogs in a second, but first let me talk about setting a blog up and where in the great scheme of things it fits.

Setting up a blog

An important change to the first versions of this guide is that I can sadly no longer recommend Queue+ that used to be the main drive behind my blogs. They have become very unreliable and buggy, but luckily there is another service that is ten times better: www.BBoostr.com

Once you create an account there and connect your blog(s) to it the fun can begin, but before I explain that in greater detail I’ll explain how to set up the blogs with ads.

The two main services that have proven to work well with Tumblr blogs are exoclick and Popads. Which one you use really depends on preference, Popads only has popunder ads while Exoclick also offers sticky banners. Personally I prefer Popads because they have a much better niche / category selection which is much better for targeted traffic. I used to recommend Exoclick but lately their rates have been really low, so coupled with the better niche selection I recommend Popads these days. The best settings for Popads.

To include ads into your tumblr blog you first have to validate your email address, then go into Edit Appearance → Edit HTML. There you can insert your ad code into the <description>youradshere</description> or really anywhere inside the body as long as you only use popunders.

Go one step back and scroll down to ‘Advanced Options’ and make sure that ‘use default mobile template’ is turned OFF, otherwise mobile users won’t see your ads and you won’t make money from them.

Lastly take a minute to make the blog look a little bit nicer, add a short description and a header image, then you are good to go.

The grand scheme of things

One single tumblr blog is only a little component of a grander scheme, and most blogs won’t make you rich just on their own.

Instead what I do is to profit from them twice, once in ad revenue and again by driving traffic to my own sites.

This is very important because Tumblr is not the platform where you want your main focus to be, it’s too volatile and blogs can get banned for no reason, leaving you with nothing if your focus was just Tumblr. I’ve been there and had to start over individual blogs several times now, especially if you run adult blogs you need to realize that they are only there temporarily. As I write this I just lost a 20,000 follower facial blog, so take in mind that you need to have some sort of site for yourself.

Personally I went with a couple of projects that all receive traffic from my various tumblr blogs, split between adult and non-adult. For non-adult I run a webcomic at www.awwfulcomics.com that earns me a decent amount of cash despite being horribly drawn and rarely updated.

In addition I run a decently successful YouTube channel that receives a bit of its traffic from Tumblr.

For adult blogs I run another webcomic with erotic drawings plus many erotic stories that are also published to Amazon, letting me profit from direct sales as well as Affiliate sales as every ebook is linked with Amazon Affiliate and I earn money no matter what people buy after clicking it. That is a great concept and very profitable, but you won’t be able to use Tumblr for that because Affiliate links are a reason to get your blog banned if they have a bad day. Again it’s important to have a main hub where you have full control over everything and use your tumblr blogs to drive traffic to it. As you can see building all of this sure takes some time, but it pays off in the long run.

Personally I use wordpress hosting by Strato, that has proven to be the best and cheapest way to get a great site up and running in less than an hour.

I can not stress enough how important it is to have anything of your own, and if you plan on running adult blogs the easiest by far is to write a few erotic stories and publish them on your blog. You can even use a free blog for that; I just prefer having a little more control and less struggle with monetizing my sites.

If I had to choose I’d pick a simple stick-figure comic for non-adult, monetized with Adsense and Amazon Affiliate links mine has become quite profitable and the artistic skill needed is very low when sticking to stick figures.

Running Tumblr blogs

After you have set up your site and one or ideally more Tumblr blogs it’s time to fill the queues. That is easiest with BBoostr, simply follow blogs that post related content on Tumblr, copy the blog names over to BBoostr into the ‘Bulk Reblog’ category and select all fitting images to reblog. I usually stop at roughly 100 per blog, then go to the next one until I have at least 20 blogs to reblog from. Reblogging from as many different blogs as possible helps a lot both to increase the user experience and to get your blog noticed.

The beginnings are always slow, realistically speaking you can expect about a month without any activity worth mentioning before people start discovering your blog.

If you run adult blogs I highly recommend you create profiles at www.sex.com, you can enter your tumblr blog as an RSS feed by going to Settings→ RSS Feed and entering http://yourtumblrblog.tumblr.com/rss. What that does is automatically posting your posts to that site, which happens to be a great source for a substantial amount of traffic as well as giving you the chance to put a small banner ad to your own site under each post. That has proven to work well for me and since it’s fully automatic there is no further work required.

The same can be done with Twitter, but it’s a lot more fragile because Twitter doesn’t like automated accounts too much. That being said some people use Twitter to great success so trying it can’t hurt.

I set my queues to post ten pictures a day, I have found that strikes the perfect balance between content output and ease of maintenance. A little trick you can do in BBoostr is setting the queue to ‘Loop’, after which it will never run out. I recommend having at least 2-3000 posts in your queue for that to keep things fresh, from experience that doesn’t take more than an hour. Another nifty trick is that you can im- and export queues in BBoostr, meaning that if you  build a second or more blogs in the same niche you can fill the queue within a couple of seconds which is a huge time-saver.

Apart from that all the work that really remains is checking the blogs occasionally, manually reblog a couple of pictures and answer to messages. I tend to only share links to my own sites in the posts that I reblog manually, which keeps me relatively safe from ‘overdoing it’.

Two little plugins help a great deal with efficient reblogging: XKit and Archive Poster, both available for Chrome. I won’t go into too much detail on them here, but install both and fiddle around to see how much time they save.

For now that is all I can tell you, I hope that serves as a good start and if you need any help there is always someone in the discord channel to help you. I’m going to overhaul this guide as soon as possible and add a variety of details, but it’s a great idea to join the discord to begin with because the community is awesome and helpful.